Thursday, June 9, 2011


Can I just say that I am so tired and I am concerned that I may have transformed into one of those Voodoo zombie things (because I'm pretty sure I look like it!). The reason for my exhaustion is the 75 new additions to campus in the last 36 hours! I have literally been a part in every single ministry on this campus today. I am probably the least medical person here, but they had me stocking all of the shelves in the pharmacy and the lab... I hope I put everything in the right place because if I didn't, it won't be pretty! Anyway, today has been absolutely crazy!

I got to go back to the brothel and jail today! My friend was still in the cell today. He won't be able to go to court until Friday, so I am going to try to go and visit him again before he goes. The brothel was a little intense. Not only were the group's emotions running high but I had to worry about one of the local boys, Alex, getting a little to touchy with me. Sometimes I wish that American boys hit on me 1/8 as much as Haitian boys do hahaha! But yeah, it was a pretty heavy day with the women. I hope to develop relationships with the women at the brothel this summer.

On a lighter note, I got to spend a lot of time in all three main areas of the campus: the baby orphanage, the Miriam Center, and Gran Moun! It was so nice to finally be able to spend some time at all of these places and it was a really awesome opportunity to practice some of my new Creole skills!

Bottom line: I am LOVING Haiti still and I am only two weeks into my journey! I can see that long term missions is in God's plans for my life, which is very exciting! My favorite part about being here so far is that I am starting to make friends in the community. I can go to the English classes across the street or down to the market and see all of my new friends, old and young. It is nice knowing that I have more than 2 weeks with all of these wonderful Haitians!

Prayer Requests:
*I had the privilege to lead a young man to Christ on Monday. I would just ask you to pray for him and his new walk with Christ.
*The English class that I am helping to teach every other day.
*All of the people that the teams will be working with this week!

Love ya'll!

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